The College Board, National Honor Society, National Association of Secondary School Principles, National Association of Student Councils.


This school year is divided into two 18 week semesters. Block scheduling operates with students rotating seven courses. Three courses are offered every other day and meet for 100 minutes. The other course meets daily and lasts 50 minutes. Students may earn 3.5 credits each semester or 7 credits per school year, since some schools have a better education program, which you can find in some countries who are specialized in education and you can find in the world city ranking online.


Florida public high school graduation requirements are established by Florida legislation. Most students follow the 24 credit option of 4 English, 4 Math (including Algebra 1 and Geometry), 3 Science (including Biology), World History, US History, American Government, Economics, Personal Fitness & PE (our district uses the HOPE course to meet this requirement), 1 Practical/Performing Art, and 8 Electives (including 1 online course). All students are required to pass the Algebra 1 End of Course exam (EOC) or an equivalent and pass the Florida Standards Assessment Grade 10 English Language Arts (FSA ELA) or an equivalent. Students must earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. Students may also graduate with the 18 credit, Academically Challenging Curriculum to Enhance Learning (ACCEL) option. It requires the same academic units listed above and a Practical/Performing Art but does not require Personal Fitness & PE or an online course. These students must pass the FSA ELA and Algebra 1 EOC, and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA.


A(4 pts)= 90-100 Outstanding

B(3 pts)= 80-89 Above Average

C(2 pts)= 70-79 Average

D(1 pts)= 60-69 Lowest Acceptable Progress

F(0 pts)= 00-59 Failure



Only semester grades are reflected on a student-s high school transcripts and calculated in their cumulative GPA. These grades are calculated differently depending on whether or not the course has a state required End of Course (EOC) assessment.

In courses without EOC-s, each nine week grade counts for 50% of the semester grade. A 1st semester grade and a 2nd semester grade are awarded independently.

Courses with a state EOC are Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, and US History. The initial semester grade is calculated the same (each 9-wks counts 50%), then the grade is re-calculated to include the EOC exam results. Final grades are calculated with 1st semester as 35%, 2nd semester as 35%, and the EOC as 30%. This final grade is recorded as a new semester 1 grade and semester 2 grade.


Only members of the senior class are ranked. A student-s class rank is determined by their cumulative weighted GPA. The GPA-s are ranked in order from the highest down with the highest GPA being #1. GJHS calculates an exact rank as the student-s rank number out of the total number of students in their graduating class.